Islamic Law

Islamic law. Sharīʻah. Fiqh. شريعة. فقه

Academies. Institutes
Annuals. Yearbooks
Conflict of laws. Tanāzuʻ al-qawānīn. تنازع القوانين
Congresses. Conferences
Encyclopedias. Dictionaries
Furūʻ al-fiqh. Substantive law. Branches of law. فروع الفقه
General works
History, development and application of Islamic law
Influence of other legal systems on Islamic law
Islamic law and other disciplines or subjects
Law reform. Criticism. Tanẓīm. تنظيم
Legal education. Study and teaching
Legal research
Maxims. Quotations
Monographic series
Observances and practice of Islam
Religious education
Schools of thought. Islamic legal schools. Madhāhib. مذاهب

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