Islamic Law Substantive Law. Branches of Law

Furūʻ al-fiqh. Substantive law. Branches of law. فروع الفقه

Aḥwāl shakhṣīyah. أحوال شخسية
Animal protection. Animal welfare. Animal rights
Birth control. Family planning
Civil service. Employees of communal agencies
Constitution of the state
Courts and procedure
Criminal law and procedure
Cultural affairs
Economic law
Environmental law
General concepts
General works. Treatises
Government and administration. Siyāsah. Administrative process. سياسة
Government measures in time of war, national emergency, or economic crisis
Intellectual and industrial property
Labor laws and legislation
Medical legislation
Military law
Muʻāmalāt. معاملات
Particular genres
Police and public safety
Professions. Intelligentsia
Public finance
Public health
Public law. The Islamic state
Public property. Government property
Social laws and legislation
Transportation and communication
Unfair competition
Veterinary medicine and hygiene. Veterinary public health

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